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Dosha Dooshya Sammoorchchhanaa

KeywordDosha Dooshya Sammoorchchhanaa
Etymology/ Definitionतथाविधो दोषदूष्यसम्मूर्च्छना जनितोर्व्याधि:। मा.नि.१/७ मधुकोष
सम्मूर्च्छित इति सम्मिलित ।
ReferenceS.Chi.38/38, S.Ni.10/10, M.Ni.1/7 Madhukosha
Literary MeaningSammoorchchhanaa means coming together.
When Dosha and Dooshya , both come together manifesting themselves through the symptoms ( Poorvaroopa – Promordal symptoms ) it is said to be a state of a disease.
Implied MeaningOnly Dosha are unable to generate any disease. Both Dosha and defective body channels or Dhaatu are responsible for generation of a disease.
ElaborationAccording to Pras`hastapada Sammoorchchhanaa indicates two different movements, motions coming together to form a new movement In Ayurveda two or more different entities coming together to form an unstable, different entity is called Sammoorchchhanaa . It is not a stable continuous change. Dosha get vitiated due to their aggravating, pacifying causes. These vitiated Dosha while travelling through the body channels get stuck at a defective site. This association of Dosha and defective body tissues is Sammoorchchhanaa .
It can be judged by the symptoms ( Poorvaroopa Roopa ). The group of these symptoms is a disease. The association of Dosha and Dhaatu is the cause of a disease and the symptoms are the effect of this association.
E. g. Group of 11 symptoms is Ekaadas ` ha Roopa Raajayakshmaa .

Contemporary ColloquialPathogenesis, Aetiopathology
AntonymDosha Dooshya Sammoorchchhanaa Bhanga, Vyaadhimoksha

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