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Etymology/ Definitionधात्री स्तनपायिनी पोषयित्रीत्यर्थः । सु.उ.२७/६
ReferenceC.Sha.8/52,S.U.27/6 D`alhan`a
S.Sha.10/25 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningM / W – female supporter, a nurse
Implied MeaningA nurse who gives breast feed to an infant is called Dhaatree ( wet – nurse ).
ElaborationDue to unavailability of breast milk in the mother or due to some other reasons, if a mother is not able to breastfeed the infant, a surrogate mother ( Dhaatree ) is arranged for.
There are specific criteria for selection of a Dhaatree :
She should be of same caste, youthful, submissive, free from diseases, and born in the same locality. She should not have anomalous organs ( Avyanga ), should not be ugly looking or given to hateful disposition or mean minded. She should also be born in a respectable family, should be skilful in service, clean, with aversion to dirty things, and she should have excellence of breast and milk.
Contemporary ColloquialWet – nurse

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