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Etymology/ Definitionगति: प्रकारोऽवस्था वा। च.सू.१७/११२ चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Su.17/112,Chakrapaan`i ,A.H.Su.12 /44
Literary MeaningM / w – motion / movement of Dosha
Implied MeaningDosha are in a state of continuous motion all over the body in all the directions along the channels. This pattern of motion is called Gati , which is also equated with state of the Dosha .
ElaborationA ) Direction wise it is of 3 types:
Oordhva ( upward movement like flames of fire )
Adhah ( downward movement like flow of water )
Tiryak ( horizontal movement resultant like air )
B ) As per the stages it is of 3 types:
Kshaya ( substantive depletion of Dosha )
( steady or balanced state of Dosha )
( substantive aggravation of Dosha )C ) As per different sites in the internal environment there are 3 types:
Kosht`ha Gati
S`haakhaa Gati
Marmaasthi Gati

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