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Etymology/ Definitionतिलेषु भवं तैलं तिलतैलम्‌ । सु. सू.४५/११२ डल्हण
अत्र यद्यपि योगाद्‌ तिलभवमेव तैलं तथापि रूढ्या इह सर्व एव स्थावरस्नेहाः तैल इति उच्यन्ते । च.सू. १३/११ चक्रपाणि
Literary MeaningM / W – sesame oil
Implied MeaningIn Ayurveda the term Taila indicates Tila Taila ( sesame oil ). Specific terms are used to indicate various oils. E. g. castor oil, mustard oil etc.
ElaborationSesame oil is unctuous in nature, hot in potency, and sweet in taste and विपाक ( post digestive taste ). It has attributes like intense, weight promoting, satiating, and quickly assimilable. It enters into minute channels. It is non – slimy, heavy, moving, moisturises skin ( Tvak Prasaadana ), acts as aphrodisiac, and promotes intellect, softness, musculature, firmness, complexion and strength. It is wholesome for eyes, anti – diuretic with bitter and astringent tastes as subsidiary tastes, digestive, pacifies Vaata and Kapha , removes worms, slightly emaciates, increases Pitta , alleviates pain in female genital tract, head and ears. It is used in different traumatic conditions.

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