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Etymology/ Definitionयेबहुजनसाधारण वातजलदेशकालरूपं साधारणरोग कारणमभिधातु जनपदोध्वंसनीयोऽभिधीयते । च.वि.३/२ चक्रपाणि
Literary MeaningDevastation of society and locality, epidemic, pandemic devastation due to a disease.
Implied MeaningIt is an abruptly developed similar set of symptoms of a particular disease involving mass population due to its unique causative factors.
ElaborationGenerally disease manifestation is a unique phenomenon involving individuals but in certain exceptional situations the individuality as regards constitution, diet and habits is lost and the whole population suffers from one disease, This is called Janapadodhvansa .
The factors, which are common for all inhabitants of a country, are air, water, location, and seasons.
Contemporary ColloquialEpidemic, Pandemic

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