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Etymology/ Definitionतस्मान्मज्ज्ञस्तु यः स्नेहः शुक्रं संजायते ततः /च.चि.१५/३२
ReferenceC.Chi.15/32, C.Su.28/4, A.H.Su.1/13, A.H.Su.1/13, S.Su.14/18, A.H.Su.11/20, A.H.Sha.3/80
Literary MeaningSemen
Implied MeaningIt is the reproductive and regenerative tissue and is present all over the body .
ElaborationThis is the ultimate tissue to evolve in the chain of Dhaatu _ s and since it has undergone a number of Agni actions it is especially devoid of waste product and it almost singly generates Ojas .
It has two – fold actions viz . one is reproduction and the other is regeneration of worn out tissues .
In males it is responsible for the sperm and in females it is responsible for other regenerative functions and in both sexes it is also responsible for happiness , courage , affection , mild and pleasant disposition etc .
Due to the vitiation of S ` hukra Dhaatu the following symptoms develop : depressed state of mind , less sterility , abnormal function of reproduction .
Vitiation of S ` hukra is responsible for depression , infertility , impotence , immune compromised state and Ojas depletion .
SynonymsPurusha Beeja

Contemporary ColloquialReproductive tissue , Semen

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