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Welcome to Ayusoft Prikriti Analysis Questionnaire [Test Instance]

Note: Please try to answer all the questions and clickon “SUBMIT” to display the Prakriti.

Sr No. Observations Vata Pitta Kapha
1The Built Lean Well Built / Sturdy / Chubby
2 A.The Body Stature / Physique (Body Frame, Height )Tall And Thin.

Short And Thin.

Plump / Stout

2 B.The Body Stature / Physique (Body Frame, Height )

Height And Width After Spreading Both The Hands Is Equal. YES
3The Body Parts Look Like (Appearance Of Body Parts)Dry. Delicate / Tender. Shapely / Beautiful.
4The Body Smell Is (Body Odor ) Strong / Foul Smelling / Stinking. YES

5The General Appearance (General Impression Of The Person)Not So Impressive / Weird / Ugly / Non Pleasant. Weird With Sad Look. Mild / Calm / Fresh / Lively / Gentle.
6The Size Of The Forehead Broad And Tall Forehead. YES
7The Hands (Length Of Hand From Shoulder To Tip Of Middle Finger ) Long Hands (Length Of The Hand From Shoulder To Tip Of The Middle Finger Is More). YES
8The Chest (Massiveness Of Chest ) Massive (Ribs Hidden, Fleshy) YES
9The Appearance Of Joints Well Knit (Well Formed) And Nicely Covered With Flesh.

Well Proportionate (The Joints Are In Good Proportion, In Relation To The Whole Body Frame).

10The Functioning Of The JointsMake Crepitating Sound With Movements. Tendons And Muscles Of The Joints Are Lax. Well Lubricated (No Cracking Sound With Movements).
11The Tendons And The Ligaments (The Tone And / Or Appearance Of Tendons And Ligaments)Very Apparent Or Conspicuous. Lax. Not Apparent.
12Texture Of Body Muscles On Touch (To Examine The Belly Of The Muscles)Firm. Lax / Supple. Built Well (Without Laxness) / Firm.


13The Calf Muscles (Muscle Tone Of Calves)Blackish,Thin,Dry,Rough,Brittle,Break Easily YES NO
14 Colour Of The Sclera (The Color Of The White Part Of The Eyes) Misty

Reddish Eyes (Get Red Immediately In Sunrays Or After Alcohol Consumption Or After Getting Angry). Clean White, Bluish Colored Eyes With Reddishness In The Corners.
15Iris Colour (Colour Of The Black Portion Of Eyes) Other than black.
16The Size Of The EyesSmall / Sunken / Narrow. Medium. Big / Wild (Wide Open).
17 The Appearance Of The Eyes In General Odd, Nervous, Dead Look (Lusterless, Dry, Rough).
Remain Half Closed During Sleep.
Steady Gaze(Staring Look).

Excessive Movements Of Eye Balls (Just Due To Inquisitiveness).
Soft Look.

Pleasant (Emphasizing Part Of Personality, Watery).
18. AAppearance Of Eye Lashes Short.
18. BAppearance Of Eye Lashes Thin.
19.ATeeth Grinding Of Teeth During Sleep.

19.BTeeth Dry, Brittle Teeth (Break Easily, History Of Occassional Chipping / Crusting Of Teeth). Yes

20The Skin Complexion Dusky/ Dark./Black/Wheatish. Yellowish White./ Reddish /Coppery Very Fair And Clean Complexion (Also Consider Skin Colors Like Lotus Varieties).
21.ASkin Moisture Dry (Dryness Soon Even After Applying Oil / Moisturizer)
Slightly Oily / Moderately Oily. Oily.
21.BSkin Moisture Dry (Cracked. Yes
22 Skin Texture (On Touch) Rough And Hard. Soft And Supple / Loose. Soft And Tight, Velvety Smooth / Silky.
23The Temperature Of The Skin (Room Temperature)Cold With Dryness (On Hands, Legs, Forehead). Warm/ Hot. Cold Without Dryness.
24Description Suiting To The Skin Conspicuous Veins (Veins Are Very Prominent And Big). Skin With Lots Of Moles / Warts / Freckles.
Redness Marked On Lips, Palms, Tongue, Nails (Skin Gets Flushed Quickly And Gets Reddened With Little Exposure To Sun, Heat, Friction, Knock).

Skin With Glow / Radiance / Shine.
25 The Colour Of The Hair (Hair Colour ) Tawny/ Brown. Golden, Blonde, Reddish Brown Black, Jet Black, Blue Tinge.
26. AHair Moisture And Strength Of The Hair Roots (Of Body Hair And Scalp Hair To Be Judged By Touch) Dry / Brittle / Rough. Not Dry / Medium. Oily / Shining.

26. BHair Moisture And Strength Of The Hair Roots (Of Body Hair And Scalp Hair To Be Judged By Touch) Strong Roots (Do Not Fall Easily While Combing). YES
27. ALookwise Texture Of Hair And Amount Of Hair Thick / Abundant And Rough.
Less And Rough.

Less And Soft / Delicate. Thick / Abundant / Soft And Smooth.
Thick / Abundant And Rough.

27. BLookwise Texture Of Hair And Amount Of Hair Splits In Hair. YES
28 The Color Of The Body Hair Golden / Blonde. YES
29 Eating HabitsEating Fast / Hastily Eating More Frequently. Eating Food Leisurely.
30Duration For Sleep Routinely Short Span Of Sleep Needed. Routinely Prolonged Span Of Sleep Needed.Routinely Moderate Span Of Sleep Needed.
31.ANature Of Sleep, Freshness After Sleep Light Sleep (Interrupted Sleep)

Deep Sleep (Difficult To Wake Up, Uninterrupted Sleep)
Sleepiness (A Feeling Of Incomplete Sleep).

31.BNature Of Sleep, Freshness After Sleep Mouth Remaining Partly Open During Sleep With Or Without Snoring. Yes
32Voice(Quality And Pitch Of Voice) Dry / Brittle.
High Pitched / Screechy Voice.
Weak / Thin / Exhausted / Inaudible.
With Treble / Hoarse / Sad.

Deep / Soft / Resonant / Melodious / Pleasant / Effective.
33Speech(Speaking Style) Fond Of Chit-Chatting All The Time (Chattering / Excessive Talking).
Fast / Hasty / Fumbling Style Of Speaking.

Slow, Rich With Moments Of Silence. YES
34Likes And Dislikes For Food, Beverages 1. Liking For Hot And Oily Food
2. Liking For Hot Beverages.

3.Liking For Cold Beverages (Dislike For Drinking Very Hot Liquids)
4.Liking For Cold Food.

5. Liking For Hot And Dry Food.
35Disliking And / Or Level Of Tolerance Intolerance For Cold. Disliking For Perspiration. Pleasant, Soothing, Soft And Gentle.
36Liking For Various Tastes Sweet / Sour /Salty Bitter/ Astringent Pungent / Chilly / Spicy
37Memory (Quality And Span) Quick To Remember
Forgets Quickly / Accuracy Less.

Slow To Remember
Forgets Slowly / Accuracy More.
38.AFriendship Quick In Making Friendships (Easily Adapt To Different Kinds Of People).
Short Lasting Relationships / Friendships / Acquaintances.

Slow To Make New Friends
38.B Friendship Relationships Continue Even After Conflicts. YES

38.CFriendship Harsh To Friends / Caring And Consoling To Those Who Want To Reconciliate. YES

38.D Friendship Enmity Long Lasting. YES

39.AOther Qualities Fearful / Coward.
Brave / Valor
39.BOther Qualities Ungrateful / Unappreciative / Unthankful. Yes
39.COther Qualities Tendency Towards Using Or Taking Others’ Belongings / Secretly Watching Or Over Hearing Others. Yes

39.EOther Qualities Violent. Yes
39.EOther Qualities Egoist Yes
39.FOther Qualities Excellent In Acquiring Bodily Skills And Arts (Eg. Different Skillsets, Arts Etc.). Yes
39.GOther Qualities Shy, Very Polite And Reverent Yes
39.HOther Qualities Religious And Fond Of Performing Rituals Yes
39.IOther Qualities Grateful / Appreciative / Thankful Yes
40Resemblance To The Animals


Eagle Braahman`a

41How Much Are The Salivary Secretions? Often Less (Mouth Dry, Quickly Demands Water With Any Intake). Average Salivary Secretions, Average Thirst. Profuse Saliva Always, Does Not Mind Wating Without Water.
42How Is The Baby’S Expression For The Demands For The Feed? Mostly Uncertain Feeding Demands, Craves For Frequent Feeds / Food. Needs Frequent Suckling / May Accept Average Amount Of Food At A Time. Food / Feeds Come On The First Priority Over Playing Or Any Other Activities. Needs Large Amounts Of Food / Feeds Every Time. Low Demands - Has To Be Asked / Forced / Reminded For Food / Feeds.Remains Calm Even After Delay In Feeds.
43How Is The General Behaviour Of The Baby? Always Crying / Complaining (Needs Attendant)

Intolerant, Gets Irritated And Pleased Quickly (Throws Tantrums Quickly). Cries Less
Quiet, Tolerant (Plays Without An Attendant).

44How Is The Baby’S Comfort Level With Clothes, Coverings, Sweating? Likes Being Wrapped, Warm Clothing, Warm, Hot Food, Uncomfortable In A/C / Ceiling Fan / Wind.
Sweating Less But Less Tolerance To Heat.

Likes To Be Kept In Windy Place / Open / Cool; Dislikes Woolen Clothing,Sweats If Wrapped.
Uncomfortable With Perspiring.

Likes To Be Kept Warm.
45What Can Be Said About The Bowel And Urine? Needs Medicinal Help For Passage Of Motion
Stools Hard, Blackish, Less In Quantity.

Easily Vulnerable To Get Loose Motions With Llittle Medication
Stools Mostly Semisolid, Less Time Needed For Passing
Urine Frequent And More (Wets Diapers Every Now And Then).

Does Not Need Help For Passage Of Urine And Motions.
46How Does The Health Get Affected With Travel, Food Changes, Climate Changes? Falls Ill Quickly, Needs Medication Very Often
More Vulnerable In Travels, Cold.

Resistance To Illness Is Moderate
More Vulnerable To Illness When Eats Spicy, In Summer After Rainy Season.

Illness, When Eats Oily / Heavy Food / Milk Products Or When The Season Changes From Winter To Summer (During Spring).

47What Can You Say About The Recovery From Illnesses And Overall Growth? Recovery From Illness Incomplete, Takes Uncertain Time (Bruises / Wounds Heal Slowly)
Growth Milestones Are Irregular.

Recovery From Illness At Medium Pace(Wounds Tend To Get Spoilt / Infected Quickly, Take More Time To Heal)
Maturity Faster / Growth Milestones Faster.

Quick And Good Recovery From Illness(Bruises And Wounds Heal Quickly).
Baby Growth / Maturity Is Slow But Steady.

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